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I Know I Am Loved Embraced by Love
Celebrate the miracle of childbirthCelebrate the blessing of adoption
I Know I Am LovedEmbraced by Love
"...a tender love story celebrating the wonderment and discovery felt by baby, mommy and daddy as they meet outside of the womb for the first time. This book honors mothers and fathers as they witness the miracle and beauty of life in their newborn baby.""Through inspiring photography and warming eloquence, this book speaks to the heart of family. From the eyes of the adopted child we see the excitement and expectancy that builds as the day of adoption grows closer and the unique and powerful bond between child and parents."
-- Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Willke
Life Issues Institute
-- Roseanna White
Christian Review of Books

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Looking for that perfect gift for expectant parents? Something unique, touching, and inspiring? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this gift book, I Know I Am Loved. Told from the point of view of the new baby, this book gives a delightful insight into new life, family, and love. The pictures are positively enchanting, the script heartwarming, and together they create a memento that will thrill new or expectant parents. As an expectant mother myself, I can tell you honestly that I loved this little book. The pictures and simple words brought tears to my eyes. I ran it downstairs to my husband and said, “You have to read this.” He got excited, too, which just goes to show you how truly spectacular it is. Unlike conventional “baby books” that are often given as gifts, this one offers scripture and stunning photography as well as a section in the back for parents to fill in those vital facts and details about life before and after Baby comes along. I Know I Am Loved will tug at every heartstring. It’s a perfect gift, a book you’ll want to thumb through time and again. Next time I have a baby shower to go to, I know exactly what I’ll be taking!
- - - -
Adding to one’s family is one of the most exciting parts of life. In her first book, I Know I Am Loved, Dolores Mize celebrated the coming of a new child and the miracle of birth. In this second keepsake book, Embraced by Love, Mize honors another method of giving life: adoption. Through inspiring photography and warming eloquence, this book speaks to the heart of family. From the eyes of the adopted child we see the excitement and expectancy that builds as the day of adoption grows closer and the unique and powerful bond between child and parents. What I most loved about this book was the way the language drew parallels to adoption and birth, driving home the fact that a child is a blessing, no matter how they come into our lives. Parents who have opened their home in this manner will love this alternative to a traditional baby-book and treasure forever the poetry and pictures that paint a portrait of their love. Keepsake pages are included in the back, so parents can fill out the important dates and information surrounding the arrival of their precious little ones.

Reviews by Roseanna M. White
Senior Reviewer, Christian Review of Books

- - - -

We are Embraced by Love as we view the beautiful portraits of darling children and eager parents, and read the touching inscriptions of this heartwarming book. A perfect gift for adoptive parents to record the beginning joys of welcome for the child God has sent into their lives, and to perhaps tuck away for a graduation, wedding, even ordination gift years later. We close the cover grateful for birth parents who cherish their children so much to give them life, adoptive parents whose loving support will carry their child through this life, and the children...who can change our world for good.

Review from Paula Westwood
Executive Director, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati

- - - -

In the book, Embraced by Love, Dolores Mize presents what every adoptive parent would tell you if asked: "In my heart I know my adopted child was always meant to be with me." This universal truth is brought home in the beautiful messages from the adoptive parents whose children are featured in this book. Embraced by Love will also provide valuable reassurance to prospective adoptive parents who are considering whether adoption is right for their family!

Review from Sheryl Linne
Director, Adoption Professionals, LLC

- - - -

The first time I saw, I Know I Am Loved, I was impressed by the quality of the photos, and the way the words and pictures captured the “love.” I especially appreciated the way fathers were included and shown as having a very important role in the family. We don’t do that often enough in our society today. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes; Dolores and Angela have done a beautiful job of showing that.

Review from Donna M. Phelps, CMM
President, Healthy Beginnings, Inc.

- - - -

Customer Reviews
I Know I Am Loved

This book is a beautiful story about the first moments of a baby's life. It is written from the baby's perspective as they sense their new environment and meet their parents. The baby learns how much they are loved by their parents. It is filled with wonderful black and white photographs of newborns and they show the love parents have for their baby. There is one photo that almost makes you feel like you are holding the baby in the picture and the baby is looking straight into your eyes; it reminds me of when I held my own children. This book brings tears of joy to my wife every time she reads it. The last few pages offer a place to write some memories of the birth of your child, which your child would cherish as they too read this book in years to come. It would make a great gift to any parent, especially those that are expecting or just gave birth. Get several copies; you'll want to give this one to all the new parents you know.
-- Michael S.

Wonderful keepsake!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a first time expectant mom and I love this book! I am due in October and I have read this book a million times already. It makes me weepy in anticipation everytime! My husband and I are especially looking forward to writing out memories of the pregnancy and birth in the back. When I ordered the book, I also ordered an extra copy for a friend who is also expecting. It will make a wonderful shower gift. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is expecting or has already had a little bundle of joy!!
-- Carrie W.

Embraced by Love

A beautiful book. It reminds me of the no doubt frightened young woman, who many years ago made a wise choice that blessed my wife and me with a wonderful son, years later with a lovely, sensible, and creative daughter-in-law, and most recently a delightful grandson, all of whom have enriched our lives in ways we could scarcely hope. The simple, yet powerful, prose and the warmly inspiring photographs convey the child's side of the story of adoption in a way that just might help another young woman struggling to make the right choice for herself, her yet-unborn baby, and also for more people than she probably imagines.
-- Dr. John S. Longcamp

As an adoptive mother, I have enjoyed not only the gorgeous images found in Embraced by Love, but the message of the poetry as well. As an author (A Dress for Anna: The Story of the Redemption of the Life of a Ukranian Orphan), I truly appreciate the artistry of the poetry as well. This is a beautiful book to share with adopted children to show them exactly how planned for, anticipated and loved their arrival was -- to not only their parents, but their Father in heaven. And, it's a wonderful book to share with children who were not adopted, giving them an opportunity to understand the power and permanence of adoption. I highly recommend Embraced by Love for every family library!
-- Deborah J. Amend

A note from the publisher:

A beautiful marriage of breathtaking black & white photos by award winning photographer Angela Talentino, and poignant prose by author Dolores Mize. Together they create a stunning message that will cause all parents and parents to be to marvel at the miracle of creation. Keepsake pages at the back of the book allow parents to capture their own memories by journaling and adding cherished photos. This is a lovely keepsake book for new or expectant parents. It is an ideal coffee table book for all who appreciate the beauty of a newborn baby. For pregnancy centers this book presents a wonderful opportunity to share the awesome joy of new life with your clients. As a meaningful fund raiser, what could be better for your church or organization than offering a book which will delight both the giver and recipient?
-- Paul Broughton, Founder and President of Life Cycle Books (publisher)

A note from the author:

I Know I Am Loved was first put on my heart many years ago, and I am thrilled that it was released in May of 2007 by Life Cycle Books! This book is my attempt to capture the glorious moments shortly after birth as parents meet their sweet newborn treasure for the first time outside of the womb. It is so important to me to give thanks and praise to our great God and Creator in response to the amazing gift of children that come straight from His loving hand. I'm hoping that this tender book touches and warms the heart of the reader, and helps remind parents of those glorious first moments of joy and discovery. I Know I Am Loved is a pure celebration of the miracle of birth, and the outpouring of love from parents to baby.

My second release, Embraced by Love, walks the reader through the tender journey of discovery, belonging and love of adoption. Through the eyes of the child we feel the anticipation, the waiting and finally the joy, as the child is welcomed and embraced into his/her new family. This book is a celebration of the beauty & dignity of all of God's lovely children, from all over the world, each one covered with His fingerprints. It has been my privilege and such a blessing to work with the ten amazing families involved in this book. Each of these wondrous families remind us of Christ's love in action; each child reminds us and reaffirms that we are all sons and daughters of a mighty King!

Both I Know I Am Loved, and Embraced by Love contain pages in the back for parents to write love letters to their child, add precious photos, and list all the important events surrounding their child's journey into their family either by birth or adoption.

It is my prayer that you will enjoy these keepsake books for your own family, or by giving them as gifts to welcome a baby through the miracle of birth, or for embracing a child through the blessing of adoption, for baby or adoption showers, Christenings, birthdays, or any special occasion!

May our dear Jesus hold your families close as you cherish and nuture your precious children.

Blessings in Him,
Dolores G. Mize

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